CWDM owns ninth consecutive Clean Audit

The Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) is happy to announce that the Auditor-General has expressed the ninth consecutive, unqualified audit opinion with no findings for the municipality.

The Auditor-General’s scope covers the auditing of financial statements, reporting of performance against predetermined objectives, as well as compliance with laws and regulations. It is required that the financial statements be free of material misstatements (financially unqualified audit opinion) and that there are no material findings on reporting on performance objectives or non-compliance with legislation to obtain a ‘clean audit’.

This clean audit opinion bears witness to strong financial management, sound internal controls, diligent supply chain management practices and a robust budgeting process. These elements demonstrate that the municipality utilises funds at its disposal efficiently and effectively towards meeting the targets set out in its IDP, which ultimately result in improved service delivery for the communities we serve.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to an efficient finance team, officials from all departments, and the administration under the leadership of our Municipal Manager, Henry Prins. This outcome illustrates the dedication of all officials to diligently deliver services in order to build a ‘Unified Cape Winelands of Excellence’.  The CWDM will remain committed to sound financial management and internal budgeting controls to ensure service delivery where we can create a life of dignity for all,” said Ald (Dr) Elna von Schlicht.

Strong administrative leadership exists amongst the executive management team, all of whom are competent and committed to ensuring that services are delivered. They remain cognisant of the stringent legislation guiding all supply chain processes and performance management. 

“I am quietly proud of the achievements made by the officials of this organization. I want to thank the Executive Mayor and council for their continued support and creating an environment for the administration to execute Council’s mandate. This ninth consecutive unqualified audit opinion with no findings is testament to the commitment that all CWDM officials have towards our citizens. I want to encourage my colleagues to pause and celebrate this accomplishment.” Said Municipal Manager, Henry Prins.

This is the 12th award (at two municipalities) for our Municipal Manager, who was recently appointed for a second term at the municipality.

The CWDM has a proven track record in business support and is the preferred partner in growing businesses and sourcing a wide range of investment opportunities that result in upskilling our community members and creating jobs. Thus, another consecutive clean audit is testament to the fact that the municipality utilises its funds to the benefit of the community we serve.

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