Phenomenal Women 2023

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    Phenomenal Women in Agriculture

    This category considers nominees who through their agricultural activities contribute to economic upliftment, skills development and creating an environment that supports food security for all.


    Phenomenal Women in Early Childhood Development

    This category is for the phenomenal women in the education sector, specifically in early child development (ECD). We know that after the vital first thousand days of a child’s life, the next important stage is ECD as this starts the all-important educational side of ensuring well-balanced children that have the best possible chance of realising their potential. The remarkable women who work in this sector really are determining the success of our future.

    Phenomenal Women in Basic Education

    This category is for the phenomenal women in the education sector. Teaching children and young adults is not without its challenges. In this stage, young people face their own self-awareness as well as many social issues that can derail their success. These phenomenal women make a strong impact on the development of the children and youth in our district.

    Phenomenal Women in the NGO/CDW sector

    This category looks at the women who not only help others through their work for NGOs, but who have taken their commitment beyond the original scope of services. These women continue to serve their communities and uplift the lives of those around them.


    Phenomenal Women Entrepreneurs

    This category celebrates ladies who have started their own businesses, either due to a need to earn an income or as result of identifying the needs of others. These businesses also offer employment and are often involved in the upliftment of communities through training and other benevolent activities.


    Phenomenal Women in Support

    This category praises the housekeeping and other support staff of employers or supervisors. These phenomenal women help run homes so that parents can go to work, or assist in businesses by sharing their special brand of commitment and care.

    Phenomenal Women in Management

    This category applauds the efforts made by women in roles of authority. In their positions as managers, they have excelled not only in their own capacity through further studies, but have grown the business, enabling increased job security for employees and offering more opportunities to others. They have succeeded in increasing the footprint of the organisation they are employed by.


    Phenomenal Women of Passion

    This category showcases the women who, despite other fulltime commitments or purely out of the goodness of their hearts, set about improving people’s lives. These women receive no extra financial help, but simply see a need in their communities and what whatever skills and resources they have to address the burdens and challenges experienced by others.

    Phenomenal Women in Promoting Afrikaans

    This category celebrates women who has developed, excelled and promote Afrikaans, among others in arts, culture, drama, music, commerce, academic, literature, etc.


    Phenomenal Women 2023

    Download all Phenomenal Women 2023

    Phenomenal Women 2023

    Download all Phenomenal Women 2023


    1. No member of the panel or any employee of the ATM, CWDM or Historium Trust or their immediate families may take part or nominate persons for this event.
    2. Nominees must be residents of the Cape Winelands District Municipality area.
    3. Nominees and the nominator must be available to attend the gala event on Wednesday, 23 August 2023.
    4. Nominees must have a contactable telephone number.
    5. Finalists must be prepared to participate in interviews and filming for use on a variety of media platforms.
    6. 2022 winners may not be nominated again.
    7. Entries close on 20 July 2023. No late entries will be accepted.


    There are three ways to enter –

    1. Visit and click on the Phenomenal Women Tab – this is cellphone-friendly too!
    2. Complete the form in full and e-mail it to:
    3. Complete the form in full and hand it in at the Historium or the Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument.


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