Reducing School Absenteeism  

It is a sad reality that the shortage of access to menstrual support and feminine hygiene products has an adverse impact on school-going girls in our communities. The Cape Winelands District Municipality continues to support the initiative of distributing sanitary towels to schools in the district. This year, the CWDM departments of Rural and Social […]

Kronkie Kiem shares the importance of environmental health and hygiene

The Environmental Health Practitioners of the CWDM’s Municipal Health Services (MHS) have the significant task of ensuring that our environment is hygienic and safe.  One of their responsibilities is to create awareness about the importance and benefits of personal hygiene. It is well known that children learn better through play and interaction, and for this […]

Accolades for the Top Achievers

Accolades for the Top Achievers “Like all of you, I waited anxiously to see what the matric results would be.  And again, the matriculants of the Cape Winelands District made me proud!  Not only have we increased our pass rate from 77.2% to 77.5%, but we are home to the two best matriculants in the […]

Cape Winelands Plays Host to International Women’s Cricket Conference

Cape Winelands Plays Host To International Women’s Cricket Conference On Sunday, 05 April 2023 ahead of the Women’s T20 World Cup, Ald (Dr) Elna von Schlicht, Executive Mayor did the official welcome at the Women’s Cricket Conference at Labori Estate in Paarl. ” Sport is a very powerful tool for achieving gender equality. We currently […]