Accolades for the Top Achievers

Accolades for the Top Achievers

“Like all of you, I waited anxiously to see what the matric results would be.  And again, the matriculants of the Cape Winelands District made me proud!  Not only have we increased our pass rate from 77.2% to 77.5%, but we are home to the two best matriculants in the country!  Thank you for your dedication. You are one of the 8548 learners who wrote and passed the exams of 2022.  I salute your resilience.” Stated Ald. (Dr) Elna von Schlicht, Executive Mayor of the Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM). 

The CWDM celebrates the achievements of the matriculants through the Top Achievers event hosted by the Mayor every year.  The Municipality was required to be creative about doing this in 2021, however the matriculants of 2021 and 2022 were able to celebrate face to face again.  The mayor commented on the fact that the matriculants of 2021, have had to overcome a number of challenges.  “This group of learners started their critically important school years- (Grades 10 and 11) towards preparing for matric 2022 in unprecedented times. Despite these challenges, they persevered and have proven to be resilient and adaptable despite a pandemic which resulted in an abnormal school year and an uncertain future exacerbated the challenges that loadshedding has added to an already stressful environment. 

Despite these challenges, they have made it against all the odds, and I congratulate you.”

The Mayor advised learners to, during their studies and as they grow into adults remember the acronym, GRIT.  “Be GOAL orientated, you need not plan every second, but know where you want to be there and plan how to get there, and then stick to your plan!  Build RESILIENCE, build and care for your support network, and look after yourself; IGNORE Negativity, there will always be those that don’t want you to succeed, and there are many things that will only lead to failure.  Ignore things that distract you from your goal.  Be TENATIOUS, work hard, take a little time to have fun too and do that hard too; but build your tenacity and stamina – being an adult is hard work, you need to be fit; start now!” Concluded the Mayor.

This year’s event was held at the Ceres Town Hall, the CWDM makes it a priority to host the event in a different area every year. 

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