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The Cape Winelands District Municipality’s annual Call for Proposals to access the Grants-in-Aid programme is currently open. It is during this time that a variety of stakeholders such as small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs) and rural schools can apply for funding.

The programme is guided by the municipal Grants-in-Aid Policy, which makes clear provision for funding but in order to access such funding, interested parties are required to submit their proposals for evaluation.

The process of funding starts with a public participation process. During these interactions, which take place on various platforms throughout the year, organisations have an opportunity to express the needs of their communities.

The needs expressed during the public engagements speak to the planning process of the municipality, also known as integrated development planning. This planning is a process through which municipalities prepare a strategic development plan for a five-year period. The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is a product of the aforementioned stakeholder engagement process. In other words, the IDP is an instrument that guides and informs all planning, budgeting, management and decision making in a municipality. The IDP is reviewed annually to ensure continued alignment.

In turn, the IDP guides the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP), which is prepared annually after the budget has been tabled and approved by Council. This document ensures that the CWDM funds programmes that are in line with the needs identified by stakeholders. In other words, the SDBIP is a map or guideline on how and when certain steps will take place to make sure that the municipality meets its annual service delivery targets, at the right time and in line with available funding. A number of these targets form part of the performance agreements of the municipal manager and the three executive directors.

The Call for Proposals is therefore a method through which community organisations apply for funding to deliver the services requested by our citizens. The advertisement indicates the period during which organisations can submit their required documentation to apply for funding. Interested parties must take note of the various closing dates as these differ from project to project.

The funding is often referred to as “17.3.j”, which is a reference to Section17.3.j of the Municipal Finance Management Act. Organisations, SMMEs and other stakeholders should bear in mind that although applications are submitted in the current financial year, approved funding is only allocated for the next financial year, i.e. 1 July 2024 /30 June 2025.

It is important to note that:

  • funding refers to all forms of support received from the CWDM, including monetary support and/or equipment and/or mentorship as requested.
  • an application for funding does not guarantee funding; there are very stringent requirements and criteria that determine funding allocation.
  • the CWDM funds organisations such as NPOs, NGOs and registered businesses.

The CWDM supports projects in the following categories:

  • LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Small Farmer Support Programme and the Entrepreneurial Seed Fund Programme. This fund supports SMMEs and small farmers.
  • TOURISM DEVELOPMENT: Tourism Events and Festivals. This fund supports organisations that promote tourism and who wish to host events and/or festivals that will grow tourism in the Cape Winelands district.
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Sports and Cultural Programmes. This refers to organisations that promote sport or cultural activities, i.e. choirs, drama groups or traditional dance groups.
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Community Support Programmes. Organisations that serve our community by supporting the vulnerable would apply for this funding – an example would be an ECD centre or elderly forum.
  • MUNICIPAL HEALTH SERVICES: Subsidies for Water and Sanitation for rural farmworkers’ housing. Landowners apply for this funding to improve the living conditions of the agricultural workers residing on their land.
  • TECHNICAL SERVICES: Subsidies for the installation of solar warm water units for farmworker housing. This is supplementary to the water and sanitation projects in that it provides hot water to the agricultural workers’ homes, thus improving their living conditions.

The upgrade of rural schools’ water and sanitation facilities; and the upgrade of sports facilities at rural schools and clubs. By improving sports grounds and ablution facilities, these projects offer rural schools the opportunity to develop their learners through sport.

Questions and queries: or contact the individual programme managers as specified in the highlighted block below.

To access the full advertisement, contact details of relevant project managers and the application forms, please visit Click on the pop-up on the home page or the button marked Call for Proposals 2024/25. This will take you to the folder that has all the relevant information.

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