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About the Executive Director: Community Development & Planning Services

Pietie Williams is a seasoned and experienced local government practitioner.  His passion for people traces back to his original training as an Educator.

He holds further qualifications in Project Management, Public Administration and Governance and has completed the Minimum Competency: Municipal Financial Management Certificate (MMC). 

His qualifications, obvious self-discipline, commitment to the public sector, interpersonal and networking skills helped him be appointed in the capacity of Municipal Manager at Laingsburg Municipality, a position he held for 17 years. He is not only the longest serving MM, but at the time was the youngest person to be appointed to this position.     Pietie joined the Cape Winelands District Municipality in 2019 in the position of Executive Director: Community Development and Planning Services, (CDPS).

He is a dedicated, experienced, and results-driven public sector manager and facilitator with a track record as a versatile, adaptable, energetic and assertive leader. He is known to perform well under pressure and has a strong social conscience.

Pietie also served on the SALGBC of the Western Cape on behalf of SALGA for the past 5 years and as Municipal Electoral Officer (MEO) for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

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