Rural Projects Overview

The Project Management Division within the Technical Services Department manage the implementation of Council’s capital projects within the whole Cape Winelands District Municipality’s jurisdiction area and fulfill the EPWP function within Council with regards to design, reporting, project management and contract administration. This division is also currently responsible for the Waste Management functions of Council.

Types of projects implemented:

The different types of projects that are implemented by the Project Management Division are as follows:

  • Clearing of debris and cutting of grass within certain road reserves.
  • Assistance at rural schools with regards to water and sanitation services.
  • Upgrading and implementation of sport facilities within the rural area to benefit existing rural sport clubs, schools, and the community.
  • Assist landowners with the provision of solar hot water systems for laborer cottages by means of subsidies.
  • Implement a regional landfill site for the eastern part of the Cape Winelands District Municipality.
  • Assist all municipalities within the Cape Winelands District Municipality area with strategic plans for example Organic Waste Diversion plans and different Master plans.
  • Implement sidewalks and embayments at rural and urban schools to assist with the safety of scholars and pedestrians as part of the Safe Schools project.

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