Communications Overview

The Communication services unit exists to ensure that communications across the Cape Winelands District Municipality are well co ordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public. It provides internal and external communication services, public relations and events management.

It is guided by a policy that enjoins it to:
  1. Provide the public with timely, accurate, clear, objective and complete information about its policies, programs, services and initiatives. 
  2. Recognise English, Afrikaans and Xhosa as CWDM’s official languages when Communicating.
  3. Ensure that Council and all representatives of the Cape Winelands District Municipality are visible, accessible, recognizable and accountable to the public they serve. 
  4. Employ a variety of ways and means to communicate, and provide information in multiple formats to accommodate diverse needs.
  5. Identify and address communication needs and issues routinely in the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, programs, services and initiatives. Internal and external communication requirements must be identified and met when planning, managing or reviewing policies, programs, services or initiatives. 
  6. Consult the public, listen to and take account of people’s interests and concerns when establishing priorities, developing policies, and planning programs and services. The Council must learn as much as possible about public needs and expectations to respond to them effectively. The dialogue between people and their Council must be continuous, open, inclusive, relevant, clear, secure and reliable. 
  7. Deliver prompt, courteous and responsive service that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the public and respectful of individual rights. Information services must be managed in a people centred and client focused manner that achieves results for People as envisaged n the Batho Pele program. Timely and convenient access to Council information and services must be available to the public. 
  8. Ensure all the directorates of the Cape Winelands District Municipality work collaboratively to achieve coherent and effective communications with the public.

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Jo-Anne Otto
Deputy Director: Communications

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