CWDM continues with sanitary towel handover

CWDM continues with sanitary towel handover

CWDM’s Sanitary Towel Project helps to ensure that girls attend school

It is a sad reality that many of our school going girls do not have access to sanitary towels, especially in the current difficult economic climate, as we nagaviate our lives towards a post- covid-19 world.

The Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) continues to support the initiative, to distribute sanitary towels to schools identified by the Western Cape Departments of Education and Health throughout the District. 

Each year, many adolescent girls lose countless days of education as they opt to stay at home during their periods, rather than risk an embarrassing situation due to the lack of sanitary towels or alternative to sanitary pads, such as wads of rolled up toilet paper or newspaper is often used.

This year CWDM and their partners were able to distribute 12 100 packs of sanitary towels to schools across the district. These sanitary pads can be accessed by the girls from a designated teacher/s at schools. Thus, they can avoid embarrassing slips as well as practice good hygienic practices.

This project remains imperative to the girls of the district, by providing the sanitary towels, the CWDM is helping to ensure that no girl needs to miss out on the opportunity of an education. 

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