CWDM encourages personal safety on public transport.

CWDM encourages personal safety on public transport.

One of the concerns we have is the safety of commuters on our public transport network, especially while using our railway and minibus taxi network. The Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) hosted public transport safety activations in Montagu and Robertson, to help raise awareness of personal safety amongst commuters.

To improve the safety of commuters using the minibus taxis network, our program is designed to guide their actions and decisions before and while using public transport” explains Cllr Gideon Carinus, Portfolio Holder for Technical Services at CWDM.

Stationed at the hubs of public transport in the towns, commuters were encouraged to focus on their personal safety by:

· Avoiding areas where you cannot be seen, or the lighting is poor.

· Avoiding overcrowded taxis.

· By being alert for reckless driving (e.g., speeding, apparent drowsiness, disregard for signage and signals).

· If the driver is irresponsible, to get out at first safe opportunity.

· If you feel you are at risk, to speak up or get out of the taxi at the first opportunity!

· Avoiding riding with drivers who seem to be under influence or alcohol or medication, or appear over-tired, irrational or distracted.

· Avoiding night travel, especially in rural areas.

· Waiting for a taxi at a safe place for the taxi to stop, and where the taxi will not obstruct the flow of traffic

· Not ask the driver to drop you off in or near an intersection – look for a place where it is safe to stop

· Always familiarising yourself with the contact details for the appropriate bodies to lodge complaints or suggestions

· Where possible to not travel alone and inform your family or friends of your destination and when to expect you to arrive at your destination.


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