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Information & Communication Technology Overview

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, both software and hardware continued to evolve and develop during the 2012/2013 financial year.  It evolves because it needs a response to continuous changes in the ICT user needs, software upgrades and improvements, as items become redundant and new threats to our information and data integrity have developed.

This year is the start of a new strategic cycle for ICT. To achieve this new beginning, while linking to the past, the Master Systems Plan was refreshed.  While the plan is updated every year to evaluate our solutions, a ‘refresh’ involves evaluation the goals that were set.  This ‘refresh’ process has two main themes.  The first involves a detailed analysis of the current state of ICT and it delivery capability.  The second theme is an analysis of the user requirements.

This involved an investigation into the goals and purpose of each department provided by management.  This was coupled with meetings and surveys of the users who use the systems to achieve the stated goals.  It is an exhaustive project and is invaluable in assessing the state of ICT and the way forward.  This Plan is the roadmap of ICT deployment and advancement for the coming three years.
In line with the current situation and future expectations, the ICT department is undergoing a hardware and software refresh. The main server infrastructure and network nodes are being updated. This upgrade will supply much needed horse power to existing systems and will carry a continuously heaver load for the next 3 years. On the software side we entered into an enterprise agreement with Microsoft. It automatically gives us any upgrades they produce for the next 3 years.
Securing the CWDM network, applications and data requires continued vigilance and improvements.  As such, ICT staff continuously monitors and perform actions that mitigate the risk damage from both internal and external threats.  The CWDM approved a host of policies that speak to network and data security.  It provides ICT with greater scope and tools to deal with the threat issues in the current environment.

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