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Local Economic Development Overview


The Divisions of Local Economic Development and Tourism amalgamated with the division Rural and Social Development to form a new division called Socio-Economic Development. One of the first tasks of the new division was to take the draft Cape Winelands Regional Socio- Economic Development Strategy (CW-RSEDS) through its final internal and external round of gathering comments and submit the CW-RSEDS to Council for adoption. The CW-RSEDS were adopted by Council on 27 May 2019.

The Cape Winelands Regional Socio-Economic Development Strategy’s (CW-RSEDS) core focus is to outline how the Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) will invest in its people and how it will create an enabling environment in which business can develop, grow and thrive by fostering greater investment that will increase job growth and alleviate poverty in the district.

The CW-RSEDS builds on the Cape Winelands Regional Local Economic Development Strategy (2011/12 – 2018/19) which has been successful in implementing a number of programmes and initiatives which has helped grow the Cape Winelands economy.

The CW-RSEDS is intended to provide an achievable, evidence-based plan for the future while responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by the local economic and social context.

The CW-RSEDS includes Sector Plans/Strategies for:

  • Local Economic Development Strategy;
  • Investment Attraction, Retention and Opportunities Strategy;
  • Tourism Development and Marketing;
  • Rural Economic Development Strategy; and
  • Social Development Strategy.

Together these five strategies form the Cape Winelands Regional Socio-Economic Development Strategy. Below find a table that lists the goals, top priorities and drivers of the Cape Winelands Regional Socio-Economic Strategy.


District Role in Economic Development

While it is acknowledged that the private sector remains the primary contributor to economic development driven by a desire to develop business, build the economy and accumulate wealth, the District Municipality have an important role to play in economic development.

A District Municipality must provide a coordinating and supporting role to the Local Municipalities within their geographical area through:

  • Managing and monitoring implementation of Economic Development Strategies;
  • Identify lead LED sectors that can kick-start development within the District;
  • Establish the LED structure;
  • Promote networking of firms within the district;
  • Collect and disseminate information to assist local municipalities;
  • Provide the necessary training to municipalities that are under capacitated;
  • Promote joint marketing, purchasing and production activities;
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the Province; and
  • Identify resource availability (e.g. grants, land, infrastructure, etc.).

The Municipality works with private sector to launch co-operative projects to enhance the business environment to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Deputy Director (Local Economic Development): Gaylè Daniels

Contact us for more information:

Gaylè Daniels
Deputy Director: LED

Download all Local Economic development documents below:

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      Local Economic Development

      Download all Local Economic Development documents Below

      Local Economic Development

      Download all Local Economic Development documents Below

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