Maintenance and repair to rural and gravel roads continue

The Technical Services Department of the Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) has been diligently addressing road repairs in the wake of the recent severe weather conditions.

The substantial damage caused by the relentless and ongoing inclement weather has severely affected the nearly 3 500 kilometres of gravel and rural roads that serve as the lifeline for economic development in the district. With unwavering commitment, our roads personnel have been striving to ensure the safety of commuters and passengers.

“I am acutely aware of the significance of our roads, not only for the many farmers who rely on them for the secure transportation of their produce but also for essential services such as mobile clinics, ambulances, and school transport,” affirmed Ald. (Dr) Elna von Schlicht, the Executive Mayor of the CWDM. “I have received numerous calls from concerned citizens and would like to assure you that we are doing our utmost.”

Numerous rural and gravel roads across the district have sustained substantial damage, rendering them unsafe for use. The Technical Department has embarked on the following measures throughout the district:

  1. Placement of warning signs and implementation of safety precautions.
  2. Assessment of the extent of damages.
  3. Development of repair schedules based on available resources.

It is important to emphasise that repairs can only be undertaken when conditions permit. In the case of gravel roads, a minimum of two or three consecutive days of sunny weather is necessary for effective drainage before repairs can commence. Moreover, physical resources and workforce are stretched to the limit, as teams have been working around the clock, including weekends. 

The CWDM urges all motorists to exercise extreme caution while travelling, especially when on the rural and gravel roads. Please be advised that certain roads may be reopened or closed without prior notification. The repair efforts will continue for some time, and progress may be influenced by anticipated rainfall. The municipality kindly requests motorists to adhere to road signs and any instructions provided by the crews working in the area.

Photos: Teams are working hard to address weather damage on the almost 3 500kms of rural and gravel roads in the Cape Winelands.  Photo/Videos: CWDM Roads Crews

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