Mayor Elna von Schlicht expresses support of Local Municipality’s call on Eskom

In my capacity as the Executive Mayor of the Cape Winelands District Municipality, I wish to express my full support to the various municipalities who have in response to ESKOM’s tariff increase application, submitted letters of rejection to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa, (NERSA).

Although the District municipality is not authorised to supply electricity, we are mandated to serve various functions that help to ensure the wellbeing and dignity of our citizens.  The implementation of this absurd tariff increase will strip the average citizen of the Cape Winelands of any resources that they may have left after the previous 22 months and only lead to further job losses and business closures.  

As the situation stands the industries upon which the citizens of the Cape Winelands rely most for employment opportunities, agriculture and tourism are in dire straits.

There are two major issues currently impacting employment creation and security for the citizens of the Cape Winelands.

The first is the negative impact that the proposed electricity tariffs will have on all aspects of the agricultural sector, its related industries and ultimately the consumer; and

The second being the shocking situation at the Cape Town Harbour, where due to incompetent management, millions of rands worth of fresh produce delivered for shipping to the storage facilities are not being loaded onto ships.  The situation has become so dreadful that suppliers are diverting their produce, at very high cost, to other harbours for shipment.  

The Cape Winelands District Municipality continues to deliver services to vulnerable communities, we continue to address the needs of those who have nothing or very little. 

  • We continue to do our best to build bridges between the private and public sector with the aim of improving the dignity and living conditions of our citizens.
  • We work tirelessly to support local economic development to create job opportunities in many disciplines.
  • We present skills development for youth; and
  • Support early child development centres, to ensure that parents can go to work knowing that their children are safely looked after. 

The on-going economic crisis cannot be resolved by a few good men (and women) alone, for this reason, I pledge our support to all who have lodged official complaints to NERSA. And it is with an urgent voice that I request that our National Departments of Agriculture and Trade and Industry intervene and prevent the further decimation of our economy.

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