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Rural & Social Development Overview


The Division Rural and Social Development of the Cape Winelands District Municipality focuses on building and maintaining social capital through access to programmes and services. Related programmes aim to increase physical activity, enhance education, improve skills levels, enhance employability, provide access to assistive devices, provide funding for community-based organisations and promote the rights of vulnerable groups. 

The success of these programmes are based on the strong and vibrant partnerships with national and provincial government, B-municipalities, civil society organisations, communities across the Cape Winelands municipal district and training institutions.                                   

Legislative Framework 




  • Enterprising Cape
  • Connecting 
  • Living Cape


Cape Winelands IDP


  • To create an environment and forge partnerships that ensures the health, safety, social and economic development of all communities including the empowerment of the poor in the Cape Winelands District through economic, environmental and social infrastructure investment.



  • To facilitate, ensure and monitor the development and empowerment of the poor by graduating people out of poverty, social inclusion and improving the livelihood of the poor, vulnerable groups, rural farm dwellers and rural communities.


Cape Winelands District Municipality Projects 


Young people are at the heart of the future of South Africa and they are facing many challenges in modern day society. There is great benefit in investing in young people by creating pathways for accelerated development. When young people can claim their right to health, education and decent working conditions, they become a powerful force for economic development and positive change.

Youth Development initiatives are crucial for the economy and the prevention of social crimes. These programmes were implemented to address issues that are affecting youth. 


Families and Children

Families are the corner stone of communities. Dysfunctional families lead to dysfunctional communities. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of families and communities to care for and protect children. Interventions to support vulnerable families are vital in alleviating abuse, neglect, poverty and combatting substance abuse. This project is implemented in partnership with Government Departments, Civil Society organisations, NGO’s and Faith Based organisations.

The activities are aligned to the Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 of the National Development Plan which focus on social protection and building safer communities. It also relates to the Living Cape vision to deliver good health and social services and shift from a focus on housing to one on services, community infrastructure and public transport & Healthy, accessible, liveable multi-opportunity communities

Programmes of Families and Children 

  • Educational Excursions interventions
  • Victim Empowerment Programmes
  • Substance Abuse awareness Programmes interventions
  • Holiday Programmes
  • Life Skills
  • Teenage pregnancy prevention prorammes
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Families and children


Skills Development 

Skills development is identified as one of the priority needs for sustainable development in rural communities within the Cape Winelands District Municipality. Violence, social isolation and low education levels makes young unemployed women more vulnerable and increases their risks of sexual exploitation. Economic empowerment opportunities reduces conditions of vulnerability and improve the resilience of young women. Young people and women are the important focus and a priority because the lack of skills development contributes to increasing unemployment rate amongst them in rural areas. Skills development programmes enhance the employability and SMME development amongst women and youth. The Skills development programme also formed part of the EPWP programmes of the Municipality. 



Driver’s licence training for Interns 


Community Support Project

Funding is provided to support civil society organisations in rendering services focusing on poverty alleviation and rural development amongst rural poor and impoverished households. The funding maximised the poverty alleviation impact of community organisations across the Cape Winelands Municipal district. This programme also enhances the capacity of beneficiary organisations to render service that will contribute to the achievement of our strategic objectives. The maximum funding per organisation is R30 000 as per Community Support Funding Policy


Disabled Project

The Cape Wine lands District Municipality is one of the few municipalities who for the past decade has a project dedicated to people with disabilities. 

This project aims to improve the livelihoods of people with disabilities and to address social barriers that exclude people with disabilities from the various systems of society. Accessibility is important to achieve the principles of full inclusion, equality and participation in mainstream society. 

Programmes supported 

  • International day for persons with disabilities 
  • Grant In Aid
  • Excursions 
  • Adult Diapers 


Elderly Project

Through the implementation of projects for the elderly, the Cape Winelands District Municipality strives to maintain and protect the status, wellbeing, safety and rights of older persons. These projects also aim to promote and create an enabling environment for the elderly to participate actively in a healthy lifestyle, wellness and cultural activities. Elderly persons have made valuable contributions to build communities in the Cape Winelands district.


  • District Golden Games
  • More living Active Age Programme 
  • National Golden games 


Women Project

Women’s Month and International Women’s day programmes are implemented annually in partnership with various stakeholders. These programmes focussed on creating opportunities for the empowerment and upliftment of women. Through these programmes women are empowered with information around Gender Based Violence, positive self-image, accessing legal services, active aging, safety tips & health & wellness aspects. Some of these programmes have a specific focus on aspects that affects women in farming areas. The purpose of the programme was to raise awareness and empowering women in farming areas with knowledge and resources. 


  • Support women Awareness  and Gender Based Violence programmes 
  • Womens Day Events 


HIV/AIDS Project

HIV and AIDS impact on the sustainability of communities and their development conditions. The implementation of interventions is crucial in ensuring that the vulnerability of infected and affected persons is decreased. These programmes focus on reversing the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and support to infected and affected families in the district. 


  • HIV/AIDS Programme
  • HIV/AIDS 16 Days of Activism Programme-
  • Aids Day 

ECD Project

  • Chapter 6 of the Children’s Amendment Act (2006) clearly states that successful ECD is a joint effort between parents, the community and the government and to which many individuals in the community must contribute. In promoting the rights of the child as enshrined in these policies Municipalities should play a central role in partnership with provincial and national government. For the past decade CWDM has invest on various programs to better the education of Early Childhood Development, because it’s not about care and protection of children but also the development of young children. Also to ensure that these babies and toddlers go to a crèche that has the facilities to give children a good start in life. 


  • Support ECD Centres by  Grant in Aid


Sport, Recreation, Arts and Cultural Project

Sports Statistics have shown that sport and recreation participation plays a big role in the decrease of the crime rate and crime activity in communities who regularly participate in sport and recreation. Community based mass participation recreation, cultural and sports development programmes focus more non-competitive fun rather than competitive sport so as to create and build social cohesion among youth and in communities. 

The objectives of these programmes are to promote social development, youth empowerment, social cohesion and community upliftment. Sports, recreational and cultural programmes provide opportunities for vulnerable groups to participate in mass participation programmes. It allow children, families, senior citizens, disabled, men and women to participate in and attend numerous events that would have otherwise been denied.


  • Support mass participation  
  • Drama Festival
  • Rieldans
  • Easter tournaments
  • Tug of War
  • 17.3 J list of beneficiaries grant in Aid 
  • Vlakkie Cricket
  • Business Against Crime 


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