Working for Water

Working for Water Overview

The Working for Water programme is a partnership between Department of Environmental Affairs and Cape Winelands District Municipality.

The programme through this partnership is implemented by the Cape Winelands District Municipalityon a year partnership agreement that are renewed every three years. The programme are currently implemented in the Berg River Catchment, this catchment has been prioritised as the most important catchment in the Western Cape.


The Working for Water programme will sustainably control invading alien species, to optimise the potential use of natural resources, through a process of economic empowerment and transformation. In doing this the programme will leave a legacy of social equity and legislative, institutional capacity.


  • Through the control of invading alien plants we shall:
  • Enhance water security
  • Improve the ecological integrity of natural systems
  • Restore the productive potential of the land
  • Invest in the most marginalized sectors in Municipality and enhance their quality life through job creation
  • Develop the economic benefits from wood, land, water and trained people

Contact us for more information:

Manfred Paulsen
Implementation Manager: Working for Water

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