Draft Budget Docs 2024-2025

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Draft Budget Docs 2024-2025

Attached Files

DC2 Council Resolution 20 March 2024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Signed Quality Certificate.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure R - Corporate Disaster Management Plan 2019 Rev 4.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure Q - Integrated Waste Management Plan.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure P - Draft CWDM SDF 2021 - 2026.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure O - Air Quality Management Plan.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure N - 2024_25 MTREF Budget Circular No 126 and No 128.pdfDownload 
DC2 ANNEXURE M - 2024-2025 DEMAND PLAN 001.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure L - CWDM - Draft SDBIP 2024_2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure K - Service Standards.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure J - Tariffs 2024-2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I -Aansoeklys vir skole 24_25 Projects.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Sonkrag Warm Water aansoeke 24_25 17_3_J.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Omheining Aansoeke 20242025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - CDPS 17 3 J LIST FINAL 06.03.2024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Allocation to Witzenberg Municipality 2024-2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Allocation to Stellenbosch Municipality 2024-2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Allocation to Langeberg Municipality 2024-2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Allocation to Drakenstein Municipality 2024-2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Allocation to BreedeVallei Municipality 2024-2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure I - Aansoeklys vir landelike sport 24_25 Projects.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure H - Projects.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure G - Capital Budget 2024.2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure F - Details of Employment Costs_ Councillors and Senior Managers.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure E - IDP Second Review.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure D - Service Delivery Agreement_Cape Winelands Expo.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure C - Particulars of Investments.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.7 Virement-Policy_Reviewed-May 2024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.6 Tarrif Policy Original.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.5 Revised Cost Containment Policy.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.4 Funding-and-Reserves-Policy-2024 Review 22 February 2024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.3 DRAFT REVISED CWDM Telecoms and Cellular Phone Allowance Policy - MARCH 2024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.2 Cash Management and Investment Policy - 28 February 2024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B.1 ASSET MANAGEMENT POLICY -Draft MTREF 05022024.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure B - Budget Related policies.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure A.5 - ScheduleAReports6.8_2024_2025.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure A.4 - 20262027 MTREF Summary.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure A.3 - 20252026 MTREF Summary.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure A.2 - 20242025 MTREF Summary.pdfDownload 
DC2 Annexure A.1 - MTREF 202420245.pdfDownload 

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